2020, what a YEAR it was. Did it even exist or did it exist for way too long? Between the pandemic, shifting to work from home, not seeing my friends, cutting all travels, the presidential election, and whatever crazy bad thing that happened within the year, I debated on if it's worth it to write an end of the year blog post. It was a chaotic, unstable, unpredictable year and with COVID-19 quarantine extending into 2021, it seems like we are in for more of the same.

But then I said wait a minute, I am a badass bitch and I can handle whatever the world throws at me. Just because 2020 was not what I had imagined doesn't mean that I didn't grow. So here I am about a month late but reflecting on all the amazing things that DID happen in hopes I can inspire you (and remind myself) to go out and do some epic shit in 2021.

Software Engineering and Work

I moved to a new team within my company! I've been wanting to do mobile development and I got the opportunity to experiment with Flutter. I was also able to learn Vue.js - a new front-end javascript framework. Both these things forced me to continue to push myself to keep learning and growing my career.


In last year's post, I picked my top 3 destinations that I visited that you should add to your bucket list. Since there was not a whole lot of traveling this year, I'll pick one.


My friends Caterina, Sehar, Lizett, and I snuck in this girl's trip right before the pandemic hit and so glad we did! Miami was the perfect weekend escape — we spent days roaming South Beach and the Wynwood Art District, stopping in all the delicious restaurants, and hitting up the bars and hookah lounges at night. If your friend group is looking to take a trip post-pandemic, this city is so much fun!


  • Spent time learning how to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro and created my first video vlog! Check it out below.
  • Started sharing my everyday life as a woman in tech on Instagram -- After over a year of blogging, I finally found my niche for Instagram/blog and that is engineering lifestyle! I've started posting more on what my day-to-day life looks like to show others that you can succeed in software engineering and enjoy hobbies and interests outside of tech or coding.
  • Secured my first brand partnership ever! (and several more collaborations throughout the year I never thought I could get)
  • Started an Etsy shop called By Hua Creative with my sister, Amy, with fun tech-related apparel.
  • GOT A PUPPY! Meet Buko — follow @bukothesamoyed for your daily dose of cuteness.
  • MOVED BACK TO CHICAGO! -- As a result of the pandemic, I'm going fully remote at my job which allowed me to move back into the city to be closer to family and friends. Can't wait to continue exploring the city whenever everything opens back up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still counting down the days I can book trips without worrying about COVID precautions and have a sit-down meal inside a restaurant but guess not too bad of 2020 after all. I've learned the importance of taking it day by day (also, taking breaks!), counting the small wins and as always, being grateful of the blessings that I do have. Hope to do the same for 2021 and that you will too.

How will you make your 2021 a great year? Let me know in the comments!