Welcome to flight EVA Flight BR55! The Hello Kitty flight.

Wait. Did you just say the Hello Kitty Flight? (internally screams)

I had the pleasure to experience this as my connecting flight to the Philippines. You can find the other routes that this flight takes by going here.

EVA airline has really gone out of their way to make this a whole Sanrio experience, straight from the counter at check in with Sanrio goodies to the plane itself decorated in all things Sanrio!

Checking In

My journey started at O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago. Upon arriving at our gate for check in, the overhead screens played clips with Sanrio characters and there were these luggage tags on the counter.

When I said everything is branded in Hello Kitty, I mean EVERYTHING. I got handed my boarding passes and have you ever seen anything cuter??

The Plane

As I got to the gate and looked out the window, the plane itself was printed with Sanrio characters. They have several designs but we took the Hello Kitty Shining Star plane. I had a late flight so it was too dark for me to take a good picture but here is what it looked like.

Image from Asian Fusion Magazine

Once we boarded, each seat was provided with headrest covers, a decorated pillow, and a blanket. Unfortunately, the blanket itself was not Hello Kitty decorated but it was probably the comfiest blanket I have been provided in economy class! It was fleece material so it was soft and thick enough to keep my cozy on my flight, something that's VERY important on a 15 to 16 hours flight.

Down to even the bathrooms had soap, lotion, and other toiletries labeled with Hello Kitty characters.

All screens had Sanrio animations playing on a loop as we wait for everyone to get boarded and settled in.

The Food

Once I settled in, I was given a Hello Kitty menu. The selection had both Western and Asian options. Two meals were served, one couple hours into the flight and breakfast a couple hours before landing. I opted in for Asian options both times. As you guessed, everything was branded - down to the utensils and coffee stirrers.

I was especially impressed with the snack selections they had. On previous long haul flights, I would be STARVING in between meals because the cookies and pretzels that are usually handed out were not enough to keep me full. This EVA airline flight had cold wrapped ham sandwiches as snacks for no additional cost even though I was only flying economy!


Once you arrive at Taipei, Taiwan at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the place has an entire Hello Kitty gate as well as a duty-free Hello Kitty store located at C3 if you want to check it out.

Image from triotriotrio.wordpress.com

Overall, what an absolute experience! If you were a Sanrio fan growing up, this was like a childhood dream come true. I was totally swooning over everything. If you're not, I would say it's still a pretty cool thing to experience. For a long haul 16 hour flight, I was comfortable the entire way.

Luckily I had a long layover in Taipei to do a bit of exploring - stay tuned for a post on that. Until next time ✈️

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