Hard to imagine that this list doesn't even include every single thing we ate there but I picked out all my favorites from each category and listed them in order from my absolute favorites to my average favorites. Enjoy! 🀀

Food 🍴

1. Tonkatsu Tamafuji

The full Japanese dining experience! Known for their katsu, the meal comes with a towel to clean your hands before eating, making the sauce at the table, Japanese pickled veggies and salad, and your choice of miso soup and rice with your katsu.

What to get: Shrimp 2 pc and Pork Tender Loin 2 pc Katsu Set (I liked the shrimp better).

Insider Tip: Get there EARLY. We tried going one night around 7 pm and the waitlist was insane! We went back another night at around 5 pm and it was a short wait but we got a table pretty quickly.

Shrimp 2 pc and Pork Tender Loin 2 pc Katsu Set
Jyukusei (Aged) Pork Loin Katsu Set

2. Jimbo

Another Japanese place that is best known for its udon. The place isn't super fancy on the inside but I was shocked at how good the food was! We wanted to come back another time before leaving but didn't have time.

What to get: Kurobuta Don Combo.

Insider Tip: Get there early as well. Since they made their udon in house, they ran out of udon when I ordered so had to substitute for other noodles.

3. Foodland Farms

I think I stepped into Poke heaven with this one. While technically it's a grocery store and not a restaurant, they have a counter where they sell poke bowls. These are the traditional ones that come with just rice, seaweed, and the poke instead of a bunch of toppings. Foodland Farms had several different marinated salmon options and several ahi tuna options, etc. I came here TWICE on my trip.

What to get: Poke bowl with 1 Choice (1/3 LB) or 2 Choices if you're REALLY hungry.

Insider Tip: Foodland Farms is the nicer version of Foodland (almost like a Whole Foods). Although the regular Foodland's poke was just as amazing, I saw more options with Foodland Farms.

Premium Poke Bowl 2 Choices

4. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

I saw a ton of hype around this food truck so we stopped by to see what it was all about. The seasoning was amazing!

What to get: Shrimp Scampi - comes with a dozen shrimp and 2 scoops of rice.

Insider Tip: A bit out of the way to purposely go just for the food truck but it's perfect if you're planning on visiting North Shore.

Shrimp Scampi

5. Agu Ramen

I thought the ramen was ok but my friend, Arnav, got the vegan one and said it was the best ramen he has had in his life and went TWICE so worth checking out for those of you looking for vegetarian/vegan options!

What to get: Vegan Tan Tan

Vegan Tan Tan - Photo Credits to Arnav
Shio Ramen

6. Moku Kitchen

This place had a modern American vibe. I also thought the food was ok but I got this cocktail called the No Ka Oi and no joke, I think this was the best cocktail I had in my LIFE. I made my boyfriend, Michael, and my friend Sukrins, try it as well and they also said the same.

What to get: No Ka Oi Cocktail (made with ocean vodka, lilikoi, Thai basil, honey, lime, egg white)

No Ka Oi Cocktail

Dessert 🍦

1. UBae

Everything they sell here is made of ube (purple yam). Plus they have a cute neon sign for the gram!

What to get: Soft serve (tastes like ube coconut) and the crinkles.

2. Liliha Bakery

SOOO many unique pastries here.

What to get: Cream puffs (my favorite was the green tea one!) and the malasadas

3. Dole Whip

Ok not exactly a place to go but they sell these pretty much anywhere and is the perfect treat to cool off after being in the heat all day.

Coffee / Drinks β˜•οΈ

1. Kona Coffee Purveyors

A wide selection of pastries. Wish they had a matcha latte but I still enjoyed the cute shop and the coffee.

2. Kai Coffee

Not as aesthetically pretty as Kona Coffee Purveyors but they had a matcha latte here and I enjoyed it.

3. Share Tea

Boba place but the milk they use almost tastes like cereal milk was so it was different from my usual boba but I enjoyed it a lot.

What to get: Classic Pearl Black Milk Tea

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