I know everyone's been waiting for the juicy details on this but I've been holding off on this blog post because I wanted to publish this along with my engagement shoot. We got engaged in December of 2019 and we planned to get photos done in Chicago when the weather got nicer but then COVID-19 happened. Making the best of what we got, we bought a tripod off Amazon and took advantage of the empty plaza across the street from our apartment while everything was closed. Michael learned how to edit on Lightroom and we present to you our official engagement blog post accompanied by our DIY photos.

How we met

Michael and I had met junior year of high school. He had transferred in so I knew him as the new kid but we didn't really talk until senior year. He hung out with some of my friends so I started seeing him around more. Around Halloween of that year, a couple of us were trying to make a trip to Six Flags for FrightFest. On the day of, it was only Michael, me, and one other friend that could go but he had to meet us up later in the evening so that left us with the entire afternoon to ourselves to get to know each other.

We started texting after that, mostly for homework related things. Eventually, I could tell he liked me and started avoiding him because 1. I was actually not into him at this point LOL and 2. I wasn't looking to get into a relationship right before it was time to apply/go to college because what's the point if we don't know if we're even staying in Chicago?

I guess he was persistent enough in asking me out as I gave in and said yes to give it a go not really thinking much of it because of the aforementioned points and 7 years later, here we are.

Throwback: If this doesn't scream high school, I don't know what else does. Also, thank god for the glow up.

How he asked

To preface, I literally had no idea he was going to propose. The topic has come up but we didn't go looking at rings together or anything (I didn't even know what kind of ring I wanted altogether to be honest so kudos to him for doing all this on his own). I wasn't in a rush to get married so once again, didn't really think much of it.

We were in Chicago for the holidays and whenever I am home, I'm always trying to catch up with friends since I don't get to see them often. Michael knew I wouldn't want to do something just ourselves so he set up a "double date" with one of his close friends. Every year, Lincoln Park Zoo does Zoolights for the holidays where they deck out the entire place with Christmas lights. The plan was to do Zoolights and then dinner.

When we got there, Michael suggested walking around for a bit because his friend was still "on the way". Little did I know he was trying to find a quiet spot because he knew I didn't want a public proposal and it just happened to be 60 degrees out in Chicago in the middle of winter that day (which literally NEVER happens) so of course the zoo was PACKED. I was starting to get annoyed as we've done multiple circles already. Luckily, there was a split second where the dock in front of the skyline finally cleared out and he told me to get in front so he could take a picture of me. With the phone in hand, he pulled out the ring with his other hand and got down on one knee and asked!


Here's the in the moment shot of the proposal featuring me grabbing the ring while he was trying to propose because I was in shock as to what was happening and needed something tangible to touch to make sure this was really happening LOL.

Engagement Shoot Photos